Chrism Mass 2014
      From l-r, Msgr. Dominick Fullam, Father Dennis Carver and Father Thomas White renew their commitment to priestly service during the 2014 Chrism Mass.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      Deacon Norby Lloyd presents the oil of the sick.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      Bishop Roger Morin prays over the oil of the sick, the oil of the catechumens and the sacred chrism.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      The bishop pours balsam into the chrism.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      Bishop Morin breathes into the vessel containing the sacred chrism.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      Bishop Morin and concelebrating priests pray over the oils.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      From l-r, Father Louis Lohan and Father Godfrey Andoh extend their hands in prayer over the oils.
      Chrism Mass 2014
      From l-r, Father Mike O'Connor, Father Jose Vazquez, Father Khoa Vo and Father Cuddy O'Connell.
      Holy Saturday 2014
      Bishop Morin uses a stylus to cut a cross into the Easter Candle. Holding the candle is Deacon Adam Urbaniak.
      Holy Saturday 2014
      Bishop Morin lights his candle from the flame of the Easter Candle.
      Holy Saturday 2014
      Bishop Morin baptizes Nativity BVM Cathedral parishioner Amy Pitalo.
      Holy Saturday 2014
      Bishop Morin confirms Nativity BVM Cathedral parishioner Amy Pitalo.
      Holy Saturday 2014
      Bishop Morin is pictured with new Catholics following the Easter Vigil Mass at Nativity BVM Cathedral.
      50th Anniversary of St. Joseph Mission, Poplarville
      Froml-r, Father Thomas White, Father Fintan Kilmurray, Father Walt Bracken, SVD and Father Joseph Trinh are pictured during the Golden Jubilee Mass on April 6.
    • Bishop Morin's 2014 Easter Message

      We come to our celebration of Easter only after our observances of the penitential season of Lent and our liturgical celebrations of the high holydays of the Sacred Triduum in Holy Week.

      During the celebrations of the triduum, we memorialize, with precise words and gestures, the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, Jesus’ crucifixion and death on Good Friday, and we anticipate good news on Holy Saturday night as we keep vigil and enter into our celebration of The Resurrection of the Lord. We joyfully proclaim: “Jesus is Risen. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!”

      Glory to God in the Highest is the festive refrain at Christmas as we celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We enter into our celebrations of Christmas with happy hearts because we know about Easter.

      From the moment of Jesus’ entrance into human history we celebrate His life because we know that this Son of God has come to redeem us from our sins. We believe that The Redeemer, Jesus, comes to us fully alive, in human form, and will offer himself up as sacrifice, a freely-given gift of life in order to save us.

      The Savior was born among us to lift us up to great heights by being a living example of God’s love. Jesus taught the Easter Message and preached love, but even more importantly, he lived love to the ultimate degree of sacrifice by laying down His life as witness to an everlasting kingdom that is not of this world.

      Even though Jesus, the God-man, could have chosen some other way to effect our salvation, He allowed himself to be handed over to die, an innocent victim, a sacrificial offering for our sins. The ignominious death on the cross is not the purpose of His life. The crucifixion and death that we memorialize on Good Friday is infinitely ‘good’ for us because it is Jesus’ passage to The Resurrection.

      Jesus is victorious over death as He bursts forth from the tomb fully alive and as He shows himself to the women and His disciples. Darkness of sin and death are dispelled and ‘Christ our Light’ gives the world cause to rejoice because we are called to be His followers and to build up a kingdom of light and love, justice and peace.

      As disciples of Jesus, we are called to show the world the limitless possibilities of love’s transforming power. If we love others as God loves us, totally and boundlessly, then God is present in the world and others will believe that self-denial is the path to eternal happiness.

      Jesus came into our midst to show us the way, the path to the eternal heavenly kingdom; He showed a way that calls for a passage which is purchased through self-denial and love of neighbor. Jesus’ timeless invitation is: “Come, follow Me” and our faithful response must be ... “Here I am, Lord, I come to do your will .. “ In doing the will of God, we find happiness and peace.

      Peace be with you.
      Jesus is Risen. Praise the Lord: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
      Most Rev. Roger P. Morin
          Bishop of Biloxi
      Solemn Feast of The Resurrection of The Lord - 2014

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      • Jun 22-28, 2014
      • Jul 25, 2014 - Mar 9, 2015
        fill out application and turn it into the Youth Office
      • Sep 13, 2014
        The rally will be held in the Sacred Heart Center, behind the Cathedral.
      • Jan 9-11, 2015
        Fill out the SEARCH APPLICATION, print it then get it signed by the appropriate people. Turn the application in to the Office of Youth Ministry with a $40.00 deposit to secure your spot for the weekend.
      • Jan 22, 2015
        If your group would like to attend the March For Life Rally, January 22, 2015, details will be posted soon.
      • Feb 6-8, 2015
        Please fill out a SEARCH APPLICATION and turn it into the Youth Office.
      • Mar 6-8, 2015
        With special guest Jackie Francois, Doug Tooke, Bishop Roger Morin, Spirit Movers, On a Wing and a Prayer and GOD!